Monday, 31 October 2011



Between fact and fiction, and going after the right man, and not.

A distinction that appears to be beyond our finest boys in blue.

Has anyone noticed the other great similarity?

$64 000 was the maximum price McCormick a.k.a. McTavish, achieved for his 10 buck ADE651 gadgets (ooops! Sorry Jim! Forgot the fancy carrying case).

The $64 000 question is also, of course (in case you did not know),  a famous erstwhile U.S. quiz show, renowned for a dodgy i.e. fraudulent activity.

Now can you see the similarity?

Here at Fake Explosive Detectors HQ (Headquarters - funny that! Headquarters! Bit like when an un-detected bomb blows off a head. Head Quartered - GEDDIT!) we see lots of similarities. For example, the similarity between the wrongful arrest of a certain landlord, and the wrongful and shameful arrest of someone closer to home. Strangely enough by the same force majeur or farce majeur i.e. the addled cider drinkers of appley avon and zunny zummerzet.

Got McTavish yet Col? Remember how you personally ordered the investigation?

Nous sommes des éléphants.

How's the missus by the way. Keeping you in the manner to which you have become accustomed? Yes. Hello to Sue Barnes. See, another similarity. The wife of a so called senior civil servant, enjoying the taxpayer trough due, apparently, to her connections. Now, where have we seen that sort of thing before boys and girls? Answers on a postcard to: Any Storm in a Port, PO Box 37, Valley Road, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 8QJ. First Prize: Trip off the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Sponsored by Foot In Mouth Travel.

See the similarities now folks? As I always say, life imitates fart. The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind....or right in front of your eyes!