Wednesday, 23 November 2011


You may remember this chap from a previous post, or if you have read the blog of the venerable Techowiz lately. If not, why not! Though I hope this is self-explanatory.

We sent this email yesterday to the various companies that Major General Sharman (retd.) holds Directorships with, in the hope that they will be good enough to pass it on. Just in case it does not reach him that way, here is that email, so that he cannot say he did not know about our cordial invitation. R.S.V.P. Let us see if he does.....

Dear Mr. Sharman,

You will no doubt be aware that we have an interest in Gary Bolton of Global Technical, for having corruptly sold the MOLE and GT200 fake detectors in places like Thailand and Mexico.

You may recall you took Gary Bolton with you on Tuesday the 9th of November 1999 before the Trade and Industry Committee at the Houses of Parliament to give evidence on, ECGD:

It would be most informative to know how much you knew about Mr Bolton and his 'miraculous' device, prior to that meeting?

Did you or anyone else at the DMA ever question how a radio aerial could detect explosives, or ask for concrete proof? If not, why not? If so, when?

We hope that now you are fully aware of the issues, you will publicly support a call for a Worldwide ban on Exports, and further efforts by the British Government to prevent the ongoing use of these dangerous and deadly devices?

Your prompt response would be appreciated!

Yours faithfully,
The Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign

For some context, this is the same Major General Alan Sharman who said:
"The fundamental weakness in global export controls is the sheer diversity of national policies, systems and procedures which exist, and which create a fertile environment for proliferators and illicit arms dealers. 

'Until this is addressed, and greater harmonisation and consistency, at least at the policy level, is achieved, then we will not be able to prevent the unscrupulous from plying their trade - and that is why we warmly welcome the proposed international Arms Trade Treaty, which could go some way towards achieving this."

We can think of few more worthy of being called 'unscrupulous' than Gary Bolton, or indeed James McCormick. Can you? And if not then don't you think that a man with the influence of Sharman should make a public statement denouncing his old friend Bolton at the very least?