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Did anyone else know this? It certainly took us a while to find out, despite our detecting skills (which are really quite good when compared to those of the wholly ineffective fake explosives detectors, and the 'finest police in the World' - Santa Claus says Ho Ho!!. Aided, we should add, by that top secret detection device known to those with top security clearance as Google).

What have we just discovered?

Remember Major General (another Major General. just like our own favourite Alan Sharman retired), Jihad al Jabiri, Head of the Iraqi Bomb Squad, who signed off orders for $85 million dollars of the fraud ADE651 detector, via General Pierre Hadji Georgiou of Prosec in Lebanon, and ultimately from that chief fraudster, James McCormick of ATSC. Remember, these fake detectors cost many hundreds if not thousands of lives in Bagdhad and elsewhere in Iraq, as well as untold suffering, and property damage.

Well, we were of course delighted when Major General al Jabiri was arrested earlier this year, following the last BBC Newsnight investigation. News was that Jabiri was arrested on charges of corruption. And that the Interior Ministry in Iraq was ordered to pay back $20 Million USD to the Iraqi Treasury as punishment for the corrupt ADE651 purchases.

A little bird told us that the US State Department had ordered the Iraqis to act because they had known for some time that the ADE651 and similar devices, were fakes, and were mad at the Iraqis for buying them, and putting US lives at risk.

By now we thought that Jabiri would be rotting in a tasteful Baghdad jail. Or strung up like he deserves! What a perfectly apt end for a man who claimed he knew more about bombs and explosives than anyone else in the World. A man who claimed that he did not care what Sandia Labs said. A man who said that using dogs (which can actually detect explosives) would turn Baghdad into a zoo!! The man who said that he did not care if the ADE651 worked by magic or science. He knew it worked! Well, of course he would say that wouldn't he!

He had the millions of dollars that he and his colleagues had shared in bribes to protect. Sadly it seems he did not have the protection of his own people at heart!

Well, yet again, we here at the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign were mightily mad that the 'good' General Jabiri was quietly released from all charges back in May. HOW YOU ASK?

Well, it seems that in 2010 the Iraqi Parliament tried to repeal a law (136b), which explicitly allowed Ministers to unilaterally let off Iraqi public officials for corruption, regardless of the evidence. Apparently they failed to get rid of this licence for corruption, with one or two decent Iraqi politicians complaining bitterly that their efforts to stop corruption were being thwarted (when you check out the links below maybe you will understand why none of the top dogs in Iraq want effective anti-corruption measures in place!)

Well, back in May, the Interior Minister invoked 136b in the case of Jabiri and others involved in the ADE651 scandal. Why would he do that we wonder? To protect his own share of the corrupt loot? You might think so. We couldn't possibly comment! Ho Ho! Of course we can comment. The Iraqi Interior Ministry, and all the others, are riddled with corruption, right to the top!

Apparently, just when Jabiri was apparently being let off scot free, some members of the Parliament were again trying to repeal 136b.

We think Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be told!

So, just another example of where almost everyone in this disgusting story seems to get away without any action by the authorities, whether here in the UK, Iraq, Germany, where Vollmar and Trier peddle their HEDD1 (formerly SNIFFEX), or in the US itself, where Chuck Christensen still merrily promotes his H3Tec fraud, or In Thailand and Mexico (and many other countries in the World that have corruptly purchased various versions of the same swivelling detectors fraud.

We continue to ask how the hell people who sold and bought this obvious killer fraud are not brought to justice?

We will not stop until they are! Understand that fraudsters and the corrupt. We do not go away until you have paid for the lives you have wasted. Whether innocent civilians, or brave soldiers and police who do the real job on the ground, and earn a pittance compared to you fat bloody cats/pigs!

P.S. Apologies. It seems that 136(b) was actually repealed in April, so we assume that Jabiri was let off just before that happened. If you have any information on this please feel free to let us know.

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