Friday, 27 January 2012


Clinton is a journalist, and a fine fellow (and now an Honorary Campaign Superhero!), with a long history of working in and around Somerset. He got the first interview with James McCormick of ATSC and ADE651 infamy back in 2009 (The first BBC Newsnight report in January 2010 was based on that interview). The one where McCormick claims that his fraudulent ADE651 detector works akin to dowsing, and is proven to work. Both statements being lies. First, dowsing does not work for anything, and second, the ADE651 has only ever been proved to be useless, except where bribes overcame this minor detail.

Here Clinton does a follow up to his original report. He poses the question the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign has been asking for a long time i.e. why has McCormick still not been charged after such a long investigation? Of course, we also want to know why Gary Bolton, the GT200 fraudster, has not even been arrested yet.

Clinton sums up the story so far very well, and even gets the recently media shy Chief Constable Colin Port to comment. Port claims that it has been a complex investigation involving 23 countries. His answers leave a lot of questions unanswered. Like why did the Avon and Somerset Police re-bail McCormick again in December 2011 , for the eighth or ninth time, but this time only for one Month to January 2012. Previously they had interviewed him and re-bailed him on a number of occasions for 3 Months each time. So, with such a short re-bail, we imagined they were almost ready to charge McCormick. In fact, we had strong hints this was the case. But no. They then re-bail him for six Months???? All most odd.

Also, why are they trying to prosecute him for so many different countries. They could easily build a case on Iraq and say Niger alone, and just put on record the rest of his frauds, couldn't they. And anyway, we have no idea how they have come up with 23 countries. Our knowledge is that this is an inflated number, but who are we to say? After all, we only told the Police almost all they needed to know a long time ago!!

So, over to the report by Clinton, originally broadcast on BBC Points West on 18 January 2012.

All credit to Clinton and his colleagues at BBC Somerset for helping to keep this story going!!!

Techo will shortly add his comments. Specifically, he has rightly been worried that the length of time it has taken to charge McCormick and Bolton risks them getting off on a technicality, as Clinton highlights in his report.

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