Friday, 3 February 2012


A friend of the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign recently returned from a business trip to Iraq.

He reports the following:
1. The ADE651 fraudulent killer so called explosives detector is still extensively used around Baghdad. This is despite all the publicity that the thing simply cannot and does not work, and the thousands of lives that have been lost, or ruined due to inevitable failures of the ADE651.
2. It appears that most Iraqis are fully aware that the ADE651 is a joke. One guard was observed holding his thumb on the aerial, which would of couse prevent it moving. Is this because he knew it is useless too, and maybe wanted to avoid dealing with all the inevitable false positives?
3. An ADE651 registered a false positive on our friend. Luckily he was with one of his local business partners at the time who has some influence, and after a brief chat and a waving of paperwork, they were on their way. The incident did make our friend quite nervous. What if he had been on his own at the time?
4. May we remind you that the head of the Iraqi bomb squad responsible for the corrupt purchasing of $85 Million U.S.D. of ADE651s was arrested early last year on charges relating to the purchases of the useless device. Sadly he was subsequently released under a dodgy law (136b), which has apperently since been repealed, but which allowed Ministers to unilaterally quash corruption charges. Presumably the Minister responsible let off Major General al Jabiri because he had shared in some of the corrupt money! May we also remind you that the Iraqi Interior Ministry was ordered to pay back $20 Million U.S.D. to the Iraqi Treasury by way of a fine for the corrupt ADE651 purchases.

So, how come the ADE651 is still in use in Iraq to this day? It is over 3 years since Techowiz and I started to let everyone know that the ADE651, GT200 etc were completely useless. This has been conclusively proven. When will the Iraqis come to their senses and ditch the stupid useless swivelling aerials? How many more lives must be lost? How many more limbs detached? How many more families torn apart?

Un-f*****g believable!!!!!!!

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