Saturday, 23 March 2013


Another new report on the trial of James McCormick.

Some of you may remember back when he claimed he was going to incorporate flashing lights on the ADE651. The implication then, confirmed in this piece from The Western Daily Press, was that he thought they would add 'credibility' to the device.

This report includes testimony from a journalist, Simon de Bruxelles, who was given a demonstration of the ADE651. At that demo McCormick told Simon that the ADE worked on the principle of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR - Please note that NQR based technology can be used for explosives detection, but, as we understand it, only with equipment somewhat more sophisticated than the ADE).

McCormick made similar claims to me in email correspondence.

Some of you will recall that, at different times, McCormick claimed the operating principle of the ADE was, variously:

1. Electrostatic Ionic Attraction

2. Thermo-Redox (in simple terms, a 'sniffing' technology, which is, as per NQR, a genuine methodology for explsoives detection, but which bears no resemblance to the ADE). here is a picture of a real Thermo-Redox detector:

3. Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance. Here is a picture of NQR equipment:

Here is the report from The Western Daily Press:

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