Friday, 22 March 2013


It was already known that the UNIFIL force in Lebanon had bought the ADE. Here is a brief report from The Bath Chronicle from the trial of James McCormick. Not a lot of detail unfortunately.

We also knew that the Sheraton Hotel in Lebanon was using the ADE651.

These sales would have been made via PROSEC who were also the conduit for the sales to Iraq. PROSEC is run by General Hadji Georgiou and is a major security company with  a lot of power in Lebanon.

Here is a picture we have used before showing General Georgiou with McCormick and Stelian Ilie of Mira Telecom at an exhibition where they were promoting the ADE651

Left ro Right: Dragos Basmaluta, Stelian Ilie (Mira Telecom), Mrs Georgiou, James McCormick, General Hadji Georgiou (PROSEC)


Anonymous said...

use google translate.
dig deep. go for the kill

Peter said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for the tip off. Story sounds very interesting. Unfortunately Google Translate not very accurate so have requests in with various contacts in Romania for better translations, and will then publish the story in more detail. Of course, we hope that the Romanian authorities will take a closer look at the Mira Telecom/ADE651 connections, despite the fact that the articles you link to express some skepticism that this will happen. We have tried to stir up interest in Romania in the past, but will do what we can to dig deeper as you suggest.