Monday, 8 April 2013


Thanks to a tip off from one of our Romanian contacts, we can bring you a most fascinating story. A tale that might get the anal sphincter of Stelian Ilie of Mira Telecom twitching.

To set the scene, here is the sad story of the murder of a woman, courtesy of Nine O'

"Policeman Cristian Cioaca, charged with murdering Elodia Ghinescu

New evidence emerged in the case allegedly proving that Elodia was beaten to death by her husband. Prosecutors were expected to seek the remand of Cioaca.
Coup de theatre in the case of missing lawyer Elodia Ghinescu. Policeman Cristian Cioaca was formally charged with murdering his ex-wife, five years after she disappeared. Cioaca was taken yesterday to the Supreme Court’s prosecutor office, to be formally informed that he is the target of a criminal procedure in which prosecutors want to place him on remand. The news was confirmed by the policeman’s lawyer, Maria Vasii, who said that she does not know the motivation of the request to remand her client. On the other hand, Crina Radu, the lawyer of the Ghinescu family said that the proposal to remand Cioaca was made under the accusations of murder and grave desecration, and the case will be tried by the Bucharest Tribunal.According to, the result of latest searches of the apartment owned by Cristian Cioaca in Brasov, corroborated with the other pieces of evidence gathered in the case justify prosecutors’ request to arrest Cioaca. During searches made on September 13 and this month, a state-of-the-art device allowed investigators to discover traces of blood in the same area of the apartment. Their number and dynamic prove that Elodia fell victim to a very violent assault, adds the source. The policeman‘s lawyer, who witnessed the searches, admitted that prosecutors took samples of the wall paint which contained traces of blood “that can resist for years.”Elodia Ghinescu (38) was last seen alive on August 29, 2007 as confirmed by witness statements and the listing of mobile phones, as well as by the inactivation of her bank accounts. The only person that saw Elodia alive on August 30 the same year is Cristian Cioaca. On November 8, 2011 the lawyer was declared dead, by sentence of the Brasov Tribunal, and on February 12, 2012 the ID Administration Service of the Campulung Municipality issued a death certificate on her name.The court verdict that declares her dead produces the same legal effects as physical death certified by examining the body. In the case of Elodia, for instance, it resulted in the revocation of the international search warrant on her name (through Interpol)."

What has this got to do with us you may well ask. Well, it seems that the body of Elodia has never been found. So, in an effort to find her body it seems the Romanian Police were persuaded to use the ADE651. Apparently the idea was that hairs of the victim could be used to 'program' the ADE651 to find the body via searches of cemetries and churchyards.

It will not come as any surprise to most of you that this method failed.

It seems that this sad case has brought the issue of Romanian purchases of the ADE651 into question, and may well start a process of investigation of Mira Telecom, and Government Agencies responsible for procurement.

Here are links to two reports in the Romanian media. We are awaiting translations and will let you have more information as we receive it.

Many thanks to Anonymous in Romania!!!!

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