Thursday, 2 May 2013


Today Mr James McCormick has been sentenced to the maximum possible of 10 years in prison for committing fraud, having sold many millions of dollars worth of his worthless ADE range of 'detectors'. This is no more than he deserves, and probably a lot less given the deaths, injuries and suffering he has caused by the use of his fake bomb detectors, and the obscene amount of money he made.

The Judge stated that without a doubt lives had been lost as a result of his criminality.

All who believe in reason can rejoice at this news. Some others may be quaking in their boots right now.

When some of us started a campaign back in 2008 to end the trade in fake detectors, and see the perpetrators prosecuted, we hoped for this day and this news.

We wanted to see the scum like McCormick brought to their knees as some way to make up for the fact that so many have suffered at their hands, and we are delighted that this has come to pass.

Equally important was to send out a clear message that no one should be allowed to sell products that do not work, and have the potential to cause harm.

It was James Randi who first exposed the ADE651 to the World when he issued the Million Dollar Challenge to the makers of the ADE651 back in October 2008. As so often, Randi was instrumental in highlighting a scam. Following that challenge, some of us were disgusted that the trade was being largely driven from the U.K., so we set out on what has been a long and sometimes difficult road.

The news of the conviction and sentencing of McCormick is a great victory for skepticism, and we hope will set a useful precedent in the war against woo, that Randi and others have fought so long and hard.

The saga of the fake detectors continues. There is much more news to follow regarding other variants, and other players in this nasty, despicable fraud, and we will continue to report what we can, when we can, subject to legal restrictions.

“How good life is when one does something good and just!”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov 
I dedicate this quote to my friend Techowiz, without whom this day may never have come.  

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Peter said...

Cyberskeptic has sent in a comment which I have edited in order not to be in contempt of Court, or prejudice future cases. here is the part of the comment that I feel I can pass on:

"One down, others yet to face their days in court.
Does anybody know when the hearings in the cases against Gary Bolton and Simon Sherrard will commence at the Old Bailey?"

Latest information is that the trial of Simon Sherrard, Sam and Joan Tree, in relation to the Alpha6 variant of 'detector' will commence after the 27 May Bank Holiday. The trial of Gary Bolton related to the GT200 variant will follow that.