Sunday, 9 June 2013


Nuri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki - Prime Minister of Iraq


Benson Githinji - Chief of Police, Nairobi, Kenya

It is with great regret that despite the conviction of James McCormick on charges of fraud for selling the useless ADE651, and his sentencing to 10 years in prison, the completely useless ADE651 is still in use in some parts of the World.

The case against McCormick included testimony from a number of expert witnesses which proved, beyond any doubt that the ADE651 is capable of detecting nothing (other than as we said before, gullible, stupid and corrupt buyers and users).

Below you will find links to news reports where both al-Maliki and Githinji continue to defend the ADE651.

Why would they say this? Well, that is for you to decide. However, I will offer some possible reasons. First, they are corrupt bastards who took money as part of the deals? Or second, they are totally stupid and irresponsible? Third, both?

I have a question for these 'gentlemen'. If they are so confident that the ADE651 works, are they prepared to put their own lives at risk with the exclusive use of it for their own security? It seems not because in the case of al-Maliki, he hedges his bets by suggesting that it only works 20 - 50% of the time. NO! It works no better than chance Mr al-Maliki!

If any of my good readers know either of these two fools, please feel free to pass on the following message to them:

Dear Mr al-Maliki and Mr Githinji,

The ADE651 does not and cannot work. Every time it is used it puts lives at risk. Are you prepared to have that blood on your hands? WAKE UP! End the use of the ADE651 immediately, and start using methods that do work.

Do you really think that any of the terrorists do not know the ADE651 is useless?

While you continue to defend the use of the ADE651 you just look like bigger idiots every day that goes by.

No wonder your countries are in such a mess, with fools like you in charge.

Yours sincerely,
The Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign


Anonymous said...

I take the view that this second-rate dowsing wand DOES work and that it has a success rate of rather better than 50% or, in other words, better than mere chance. Clearly, more research is needed into this phenomenon.

It does not, however, function as a detector or locator of missing balls - golf balls or any other variety - explosives, oil, water, contraband or any of the other claims made for it.

It does seem to work reliably as a detector of credulity, gullibility or culpability, even to the point where a sealed box containing inert weights to match those of this remarkable device - at least initially - has been known to produce similar effects to the device itself. This also needs to be researched, as it may cast some light upon the remarkable effects observed in homoeopathy.

Peter said...

Thanks Anonymous. I trust my readers, good and bad, will have spotted the sarcasm and wit of your comment. At least I hope so! Would hate anyone to misunderstand and think you were in any way endorsing dowsing of any description! Or indeed homeopathetic 'remedies'!

Anonymous said...

Hear this well Peter and publish on your blog if you dare.
Allah is the great one who has set all natural laws, and the only thing He is under the influence of is his own will. The one thing to keep in mind is that His will is that things take place through their natural causes. In addition to the fact that breaking certain laws in the subordinate world by higher powers is in and itself also a law set by God and is possible; such a phenomenon is referred to as a 'miracle'. Miracles aren't peculiar to the time of the prophets, they happen in every era, but only some are aware of their occurrence. It is true that the limited science of every era does not confirm any magic and sorcery in the scope of its accepted propositions and definitions, but it is better and more correct to say that sometimes these scientists see anything beyond their propositions and findings to be magic or sorcery, or to put it clearer, as a lie and superstitious .

Peter said...

Dear Anonymous, Of course I "dare" to publish your comment. In fact I am more than happy to do so as it has given me a good laugh. I think of all the comments I have received it is the most ridiculous.

First you should know that we deal with evidence, not fictional deities. You could start by proving that allah is real, but I suspect you will have some trouble given that mohammed was an ignorant, and probably epileptic shepherd, and whatever you claim he said is mere fiction. A bit like all religions really, so please don't think I am purely anti-islam!

Second, I assume your waffle is supposed to suggest that one or more of the fake detectors is a miraculous gift from that fictional fella allah? Well, like all the other gods, he doesn't seem to be very good at miracles since all the fake detectors fail miserably when tested properly.

I look forward to your no doubt amusing response, and of course to any credible evidence you provide for either the existence of allah, or the effectiveness of the dowsing rod detectors. Please excuse me if I don't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Again Mr Robinson post on your blog if you dare.
In the name of God the beneficent the merciful.
The truth of the matter is that aside from the miracles carried out by the Prophets throughout history, there have always been phenomena taking place beyond the explanation of man and that of the natural things unknown to us.
It is very important for us to know that all levels of the World are not bound to the limited laws that science has discovered so far, and not only can't these discoveries made by material sciences prove that such transcendent laws do not exist, but day by day, it is science that reaches the conclusion that there is much more out there than it has discovered and it that all the realities of the universe cannot be analyzed by limited facts and propositions discovered so far.

Peter said...

Again of course I dare publish your comments. Why would I not expose your foolishness? You have failed to present any evidence of your 'god', so we could just simply dismiss you on that basis alone. However, I must agree that throughout history there have been phenomena that have been beyond the explanation of man. Fortunately, since the enlightenment we have been pushing back at those boundaries, and climbing out of the stone age, when man invented your god due to lack of science.

One thing we will certainly never discover is your 'god' or any other. I would recommend God Is Not Great, by Christopher Hitchens, The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins, and The End of Faith by Sam Harris. Once you have read an digested, do feel free to come back. Until then please do not waste any more of our time with your religious nonsense.