Saturday, 20 July 2013


Andres Tonini (one of the bravest and most tenacious campaigners against the fake detectors frauds) has sent us some news from Mexico about the latest developments there.

Some of you may know that Mexico was one of the most fertile markets for the ADE651, GT200 and Alpha 6 variants. Sadly, like other markets where the so called 'detectors' were heavily sold, Mexico is a hot bed of corruption.

There is some good news however. It seems that at least some of the military, police and political authorities in Mexico have been losing faith in the frauds, and their use is being reduced. Also, coverage in the media is increasing. Andres suggests that this is at least partly due to the fact that Felipe Calderon is no longer President of Mexico, and also due to the news that Giles Paxman, ex-U.K Ambassador to Mexico, helped Gary Bolton with promotion of the GT200.

Unfortunately Andres also informs us that Mario Anguiano, Governor of Colima, is still supporting use of the 'detectors', claiming they have been effective. So, we are adding Mr Anguiano to our list of fools (see FOR THE ATTENTION OF THE FOOLS), who, despite the overwhelming evidence that none of the so called 'detectors' can or does work, still persists in defending them. You decide whether he is forced to defend his own stupidity in having agreed to purchase these useless, dangerous devices, or perhaps his criminality in accepting bribes in relation to their procurement, or perhaps both?

Having discussed the matter with Techowiz, he has reminded me of the ultimate test of the sincerity of Mr Anguiano. If he really is so confident that the devices are so effective, then he should have no problem taking his family into a live minefield with an ADE651, GT200 or Alpha 6 for protection. If he does that and they come out alive, we may be forced to change our opinion. Until then he remains on our list of fools.

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