Thursday, 11 July 2013


Dear Readers,

I could not resist publishing the following comment I have just received. As you will see, it appears we have finally met our match. You will understand that we are very worried indeed.

The comment was made to my post A TRUE GENIUS, and is from someone calling themselves 'alleged journalist'.

Following the comment I have published my reply.

alleged journalist said...
FAO `Peter and Techowiz from the Alleged Journalist in oder to give you just a little update of what might be just over the horizon.
A major international media group has been following with great interest the developments of these 3 prosecutions and have now after some discussion have retained our group of very capable investigative reporters to compile some facts and not assumptions for an article they intend to publish later this year about "bloggers" and their legal responsibilities and this could be the perfect example. To quote but 3 items we are currently looking at.
1. Why did the BBC a World respected presenter of news and information Broadcast and network to 6 English speaking countries a Tomorrows World program clearly showing Gary Boltons device actually working but a while later screen a BBC news program presented by Caroline Hawley claiming the exact opposite.
2. Why are at least 7 World class scientists in 5 countries in disagreement with and in their words minor English academia. Please note not one of these is Prof Apsostol or any of his associates.
3. You mention in your blogs Jihad al-Jabery being convicted in relation to one of these devices. Let us, just to keep the records straight and not assume somethingas you both seem to do. Jabery was not convicted for purchasing devices from McCormick, jabery was convicted for purchasing counterfeit products, to quote a communiqué from the British Embassy in Bagdad "as we can see, the entire case (Jihad al-Jabery) is related to corrupt dealings, and it has nothing to do with the devices being ineffective etc etc etc..
We would assume that it is unlikely that this will be seen on your blog but I can assure you both that your insulting tones and misrepresentations will come to haunt you through the vehicle you have seen to use THE MEDIA.
ps a word of advice for Peter, I would check out sections 18 and 19 of the incitement to racial hatred


just another journalist said...

I think you rather missed what we were trying to say. We ourselves have mixed views as to the viability of devices such as ADE651, Alpha6 and GT2000. What we are intending to investigate for our retainer is the seeming ability of bloggers to publish without consideration to legal actions that might be taken against them. This investigation is not specifically aimed at your our your little team.
I must just point out to you however that as far as any religious abuse, you should maybe rather concerned about. what are considered as Blasphemous you published on your blog when they are exposed at Friday prayer today. Good Luck with that one. We will be off for a few months now bye bye

Peter said...

Dear just another journalist,

I wake up every day looking forward to the latest idiotic comments from people like you.

I see you have no answers to my questions from your previous post. What a surprise (not).

So, let's take your latest points and dissect them

First, you claim that your interest is not in supporting the fake detectors, and that your little team have mixed views on the viability of such devices. WAKE UP! There is no doubt whatsoever that none of the fake detectors are viable in any way, shape or form. If any of you are in any doubt on this point, then you need a damn good kick up the arse.

You also undermine your claim that defending the devices is not one of your main objectives, when you claimed that you have evidence from 7 World class scientists that contradicts the conclusive evidence to date that the devices can not and do not work.

Make up your mind. If you really only want to pursue the issue of what bloggers can and cannot publish, then don't confuse the two issues.

So, in your previous comment you suggested/implied that I had made statements that might incite racial hatred. As usual, you were entirely wrong, making the usual idiotic connection between my anti-theist position, and racism.

Now you suggest that I have indulged in religious abuse and blasphemy. First, how can one abuse something for which there is no evidence? I am legally allowed to be as rude as I like about religious beliefs. The only legal restriction on me is not to incite violence. Second, you will find that there is a less than zero chance that you can haul me up on charges of blasphemy. We are not living in the fucking stone age.

I see your veiled threat in your statement that my blog comments will be exposed at friday prayers. The usual attempt to intimidate those who tell the truth about islam, and exposing the lie that islam is a religion of peace. (Let me repeat, I have equal contempt for all religions).

Now go away and do your worst, while we get on with exposing nonsense as best we can, and don't try to threaten me again. You can't and won't intimidate me.

Techowiz said...

To just another Dickhead (Journalist)
Before you leave to have your Mental Health assessed, that will take more than a few months I can assure you, if it is not to late do you think you can get me mentioned in Friday prayers also?
I do not want to be part of just some group fatwa, I want my own very personal one, if it comes in the form of a nicely decorated certificate, do you think you could get Allah to sign it personally for me? (Wonder how much that would be worth on Ebay?)
I notice in your post a complete absence of any answers to the simplest of questions we posed for you, and now, like a scared dog that you are runs away with their tail firmly between their legs yapping at their object of fright.
Finally, it is absolutely inconceivable that any media group, let alone a,' well known international media group' would retain a moron like you, so take your swivelling stick bomb detector and go and take a slow walk in a minefield, which should even to you, demonstrate how useless the things are, Insha'Allah.

Techowiz said...

You need to change your comment moderation from:
'Prove your not a robot'
'Prove your not a moron'
That will filter out these dickheads as they will never be able to get past that stage.
best regards