Friday, 23 August 2013


For those of you who do not know him, Luis Mochan is a Physics Professor at the National University of Mexico.

Along with Andres Tonini, and a few other campaigners, he has fought a long battle against the use of the fake detectors in Mexico, which was one of the largest markets for the ADE651, GT200 and Alpha 6 variants.This has been a real struggle. They have often reported how difficult it has been to get media coverage, and how intransigent politicians, military and security personnel have been in defending the use of the useless detectors.

Given that Mexico is not exactly the safest place on earth, we can also say that Luis, Andres etc have been very brave to take on the fight.

Thankfully, following the conviction and sentencing on fraud charges of both James McCormick (ADE651) and Gary Bolton (GT200) the pressure has built. Luis has sent us some excellent news of progress. We would still like to receive confirmation that Iraq, Thailand, Kenya (amongst others) are clear, and China remains a major blind spot, but it seems that we may finally be seeing the beginning of the end in Mexico.

Text of email from Luis:

Things have moved somewhat in Mexico. El Universal (a major newspaper)
published yesterday several stories about Bolton and the GT200:

As a consequence I was contacted by two reporters and asked about the
device, etc. To my biggest surprise, the major TV news program (and,
of course, the worst) conducted by Joaquín López Dóriga presented last
night a report on Bolton's trial.
It was surprising as López Dóriga had previously been very
enthusiastic about the device:
His reports are usually very benign towards the government and big
business and very agressive towards everyone else.

This morning I was interviewed by Carmen Aristegui, conductor of a
major live radio talk show (probably the best, and quite
important). We talked for about half an hour:

It turned out that at the end she interviewed the spokesman of the
security council of the ministry of the interior (gabinete de
seguridad de la secretaría de gobernación), Eduardo Sánchez. He said
quite timidly that these detectors were not used to obtain
incriminating evidence, but she somehow cornered him and he said
(reluctantly) that they are not used at all. That is false, but I
believe it important that he said so in front of a national audience.

The other news is that the governor of Colima did announce that we had
made a new test on the ADE651 and he stated publicly that his
detectors won't be used anymore.

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Anonymous said...

On a lighter note.
I believe there were sightings of different species of G.I.L.F.S landing near the Medway river in their UFOs. Their precise location was detected by a dowsing rod to be near 69 Redshank Road on Wednesday evening 21 August 2013

Anonymous said...

Yeah I felt the "Earth energy as I walked near the location this morning and saw the tell- tale traces.

Anonymous said...

Gary and Carly did enjoy a wind-up.

Anonymous said...

The Earth is moving again @ Redshank Road ME4 3RE area. It must be the Galactic Intelligent Life Forms (G.I.L.F.S) we have recently heard about. A Biolocation survey needs to be done. Anyone know where to find a crystal, hazel twig, maybe some string and of course an advanced "dowsing rod" / fake bomb detector.