Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Just had the news that appeal by McCormick (see last post) against the length of his sentence has been rejected.

Word has it that his case was dismissed quickly, and that the Judges gave the defence lawyer making the case a tough time.

As we understand it, the main grounds on which McCormick made the appeal was that Gary Bolton only got 7 years, versus the 10 given to McCormick. It is of course a shame that Bolton did not get the maximum as well.

Here is a report from The Western Daily Press. It has few details, and we will update you if we hear more.


We can also breathe a sigh of relief because no doubt if McCormick had succeeded in getting a reduction of sentence, no doubt Bolton would have tried to do so as well.

We are eagerly waiting for details of the cases against McCormick and Bolton under the proceeds of crime legislation. We believe that they should be billed for every penny they invoiced (irrespective of the fact that some of the money was paid back in bribes). If they cannot account for it all and pay it all back then they should face susbtantial additions to their sentences. The payment of bribes should not be an excuse!

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Anonymous said...

A diagnosis of depression on Redshank Road St Mary's Island brought on by the thought of losing blood money. Not appealing !!