Thursday, 20 November 2008


Dear Jim McCormick and Gary Bolton,

I am calling you liars cheats and thieves for selling the ADE651 and GT200 ranges of so called detectors.

I am saying quite openly that these pieces of equipment do not and cannot work to detect anything but gullible or corrupt buyers.

I am saying that the fact that neither of you are prepared to have your equipment tested independently, using proper scientific protocols, just proves what conmen you are.

So, I am inviting you to sue me. PLEASE!

Oh do, I just cannot wait to meet you face to face in Court! It'll be such fun!

If you post a reply to this I promise I will publish it, especially if it is Jim with his usual command of the English language and amazingly rational, well constructed arguments! Yeah. Sorry, I am being sarcastic, but what do you expect when dealing with scuzzers who are prepared to put peoples lives at risk with their useless bits of radio aerial attached to plastic!