Friday, 28 May 2010



Well, it seems that despite the Newsnight and Police investigations, and the absolute proof that the ADE 651 is a bunch of doo doo, aka the defective detector, Big Jim McCormick is still plugging away.

Apparently he's been over in Romania consorting with his chums at Mira Telecom and planning their next moves to try to flog their discredited explosives detectors.

One could almost admire their chutzpah if it were not for the fact that Jim is still rattling on about the 7/7 London bombings, and implying that use of his useless detectors may have prevented those terrible events. The only effect would of course be a false sense of security.

What a sick thing to do. Sell bullshit products on the pretence that they can save lives! Well, we can only guess that living the high life is all that Jim cares about. And he's an ex-Policeman. Well, at least we can console ourselves that such a nasty piece of work is not supposed to be protecting and serving in that capacity any more.

You might say the ADE 651 is a dog, but that would be unfair on dogs, because they really can sniff out explosives.

Seems he has even re-done his website. You can apply for a job there. Purveyor of Poop sounds like an appropriate job role.

Well, Jim at ATSC and your ADE 651, and all the others (GT200 from Global Technical, yes, you Gary Bolton, SNIFFEX or HEDD1 from our mate David Vollmar in Germany, the PSD2, the Alpha 6, and the rest - Just because we have been a bit quiet of late does not mean we have gone away. The longer you keep trying to sell fake explosive detectors, the longer we will keep hounding you.

Anyone reading this please link this blog and the others you see linked here so that we can keep the word out there that dealing with McCormick and ATSC, plus the rest mentioned above is a complete waste of time, and money, and an even bigger risk to lives than doing nothing.