Monday, 7 February 2011


Hi Folks...

Bet you've been missing my posts. Well, here's a goodun.

This here is General Pierre Hadji Georgiou of ProSec in Lebanon.

ProSec were almost certainly the route into the Iraq ADE651 sales, that now look like blowing up in their faces (Ho Ho Ho).

Now, it would seem that General Georgiou wants to be seen to be running a respectable security company. Funny that having apparently dumped Jim McCormick and the ADE 651, following all the hoo ha we have stirred up, he is now getting into bed with John Wyatt 'Twerp' of SDS. If you haven't already seen Twerp trying to squirm out from under the Newsnight interview please check the link below (hilarious!)

Anyway, Wyatt Twerp represents the equally useless HEDD1, so it seems Georgiou cannot resist dealing in frauds, scams and sh1t.

Well, General, we have left you alone for a while, but you are now on the 'hit' list for the campaign, and we will bring you and your business to its knees.

We will hunt down your business associates and make sure they all know just what a C U Next Tuesday you are.

Gonna be fun! Enjoy!