Tuesday, 8 February 2011


OK folks. Just completed a round of emails to Lebanese and German media. Respectively concerning ProSec and retd. Gen. Pierre Hadji Georgiou in Lebanon, and David Vollmar and Unival in Germany.

Who can forget the lovely General. A man so lacking in any honour that he would put the lives of his fellow soldiers at risk, let alone those of civilians. Shall we award him the Order of the Turd?

And what about 'honest we are going to get independent testing done' Vollmar at Unival.

Having taken the already thoroughly discredited Sniffex Plus from Mr Markov, they then preoceeded to rename it HEDD1 once our campaign started to bite.

Anyone out there with the contacts, or patience to also chase up the media in these countries please do so soon!! We can get them as well as McCormick and Bolton..

Go get 'em boys and girls. Detect the fake detector sellers.

In fact General. If you won't send me a legal threat, how about a duel. I'll take a real explosives detector into a minefield, and you can have 2, yes 2, ADE 651 s. Let's see who comes out alive.. It'll be me!!

And same challenge to David. You to can have 2 HEDD1 s (Hasn't Even detected DooDoo Once!)

Oh happy days!!