Monday, 2 January 2012


Hello everyone!!

Lovely to be back after a great holiday!! Where? A secret!! Ho Ho!! Hope all our FRIENDS had a good holiday too!!

Anyway. Maybe some of you think not much happened last year?

Do you really?

Well.. You couldn't be more wrong! Yes. We got a bit frustrated at times, but then again, who would not after all our hard work to expose the fraud and the fraudsters. Yes, you lot of fake swivelling radio aerial detector criminals! Listen up!

Now, some of you may think that we have not made a lot of progress so far, but you would be very wrong! Look at the internet. The longer The Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign goes on, the less room for manoeuvre or further sales of this fraud, as the word spreads around the globe (you should see our blog statistics! Ho Ho!! Look at the many legal threats we have received, and the attempt to censor us just a few weeks ago. Nothing stops us!!

And we have learned much, and of some matters to come. But we'll keep you guessing for a day or two. Don't want to spoil any surprises now, do we!

Of course, 2011 saw the birth of Hoppy.

But more importantly it saw the tenacity and willpower of Techowiz!!

Also, much gratitude to the Tom Petty fan, our European correspondents, our Phillipines correspondents, our UK correspondents, our US correspondents, our Chinese correspondents, our Australian correspondents, our Thai correspondents, NOT FORGETTING our most esteemed Mexican correspondent, our Eastern European correspondents, and other supporters and advisors Worldwide. The network just grows! And the squeeze gets tighter day by day. Hope I did not forget anyone!!

We will continue to document this and bring you further news when we can!! SSSSSSHHHHHH!! Of course, keep an eye on Techos blog and other sources of information, great and small!!


And to the fraudsters, a miserable, stinking, scared and wretched New Year to you!!

Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Thor's mighty one will strike you down you filthy criminals and your associates...Blow by blow!!

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