Friday, 15 November 2013


We have been getting worried that our previous posts about the HEDD1 may have been slipping down the search engine rankings.

Just to make sure this is not the case here is a very brief post to remind everyone that the HEDD1 is a fraud, just like all the other swivelling aerials. Yes. We know that they claim it is different because it does not use a reference card system. Yes. We know they claim it works on some principle to do with magnetism. BUT! NO! It does not work, and can not work.

They claim they have secret test results that claim the HEDD1 is brilliant. We say, prove it. They don't. Conclusion? They are lying bastards.

And, for those of you who are new to the fake detector scam, who are 'they'? Well, they are David Vollmar and Frank Trier at Unival in Germany.

Of course, they did not invent HEDD1. That was Yuri Markov of TASC in Bulgaria, who first launched his crap in America, under the name of Sniffex. When that scam fell apart and Yuri had to run back to Bulgaria, he launched Sniffex Europe, and came to a marketing agreement with Unival.

After we started our campaign against the fake detectors, and highlighted Sniffex as one of them, Unival changed the name to HEDD1. But that was just what we call polishing a turd. Same crap, different name.

So, to remind anyone who is thinking of buying HEDD1, DON'T!

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Anonymous said...

I believe that Jim McCormick is being discussed tonite on "Crimewatch" BBC1@9pm.