Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I have emailed Frank at Unival a couple of times recently. 

That's Frank Trier at Unival  - well trier certainly is one way to describe him. Some might say trying, or even tiring.

Hey, that gives me a thought Frank!

We could try you and  tire you. You know, the way they do in South Africa ).

I think it was the reason Winnie and Nelson had to get divorced. Those of you with a little historical knowledge will know what I mean!

Anyway, back to Frank 'It's an unfair test' Trier.

Hands up! After attacking snivelling brat Vollmar for a while, thought I'd wind up Frank a bit.
Seems it has worked a treat. Well. I did question his manhood. I would say that was close to the bone. But in Frankies case, that was my point i.e. there isn't one to get close to.

You are going to have fun getting this translated Frank because my convoluted language is going to confuse you, and you ain't too bright anyway.

BUT!!! Frank thinks I am the one who needs help, Can anyone translate please? I think he's prescribing me prozac or lithium or something?

"Du bekommst bei den den ganzen Psychopharmaka, die Du eingeworfen
hast doch eh' keinen mehr hoch!"

My prescription for you Frankie. Something at a fatal dose! 

I'll take my medicine if you will take yours.!!