Sunday, 20 February 2011



Yep. Who could mistake the lovely James McCormick of ATSC. The ex-Merseyside Booby (sorry, Bobby), who came up with the ADE651 after he had seen the MOLE fail miserably at Sandia Labs. And he didn't know it was a con...Not half!

Well Jim, there you were sitting pretty (ummm..maybe not so pretty) on your piles (probably!) of blood money from Iraq. Now it ain't looking so good for you.

Who could forget such a lovely mug? General Pierre Hadji Georgiou of ProSec, Lebanon. The man(?) who held Jims hand into Iraq. Some of the ADE651 money stashed away with him.

Stelian Ilie, Mira Telecom, Romania. Smug looking bugger isn't he. We'll see that wiped off your face. Gone very quiet recently. No more legal threats baldy?

Wim de Leur, Delpac. Belgian agent for ADE651. Another smile soon to be gone.

David 'Voldemort' Vollmar, Unival Germany. Such a brooding look. Such a bleeding crook!

Frank 'The Test Was Unfair' Trier. Frankly Frankie baby, we think you must be a frustrated soldier, the way you like to dress in uniforms and parade your swivelling aerial about. Must be penis envy mixed in as well. DVs sidekick at Unival.

John Wyatt Twerp of SDS Group. UK agents for Unival. What else do we need to say about him? An ex-Soldier without a shred of decency. A so called explosives and counter-terrorism expert. More like an ex spurt.

Gary 'I'll sue you' Bolton. Enjoying his ill-gotten gains on hols. Well, Gary, you threatened Newsnight with a Libel action if they suggested that your GT200 cost lives. I say THE GT200 COST LIVES! Bring on Carter Ruck. I'm ready, willing and able.

Sadly we don't have any other pictures of the people behind the Global Technical scam.

How's the Porsche Gaz? Feel good to drive? You may as well be running over people with it, as much as you care for the lives of others. You are fecal matter.

Yuri Markov. The Bulgarian (or should we say, Vulgarian), who invented the fabulous Sniffex. Vollmar and his lot took on Sniffex from TASC Ltd.

You won't be able to hide away in sunny Sofia for long now bud. Interpol!!!

That'll do for now, because I've run out of pictures. Anyone got any more of the fraudsters e.g. Malcolm Roe or his old Quadro Tracker buddy, Wade L. Quattlebaum (the inventor).

Or Simon Sherrard of ComsTrac. Can we have one of you Simon. Waving your useless Alpha 6 about? Go on, send one in. Give us your best side please. After all, you want to be looking at your best for your fans here!!

How about those delightful gentlemen at the Horizon Group India. More ex-military men selling the GT200 danger to their comrades. What a nice thing to do!