Monday, 14 February 2011


A big part of our campaign has been regular baiting of the rats.

We have regularly sent out emails to the likes of Jim McCormick, Gary Bolton, David Vollmar, and now John Wyatt.

Usually we just let them know that we have done a nice new blog piece about them. Sometimes to let them know we haven't forgotten about them. Aren't we nice boys!!! Yes, Jim, we's you what's a right dodgy dollop of dung. Or, for the sake of this piece, a dirty rat (said a la Cagney!), spreading your nasty little plague of fake detectors.

Sometimes to send them links to things like Newsnight for their education - after all, they are in need!!

We know this has had an effect. Emails to ProSec in Lebanon (General Pierre Hadji Gergiou), and to Ilie Stelian and others at Mira Telecom in Romania, have also had a negative impact, particularly on their relationships with James McCormick and the mystical ADE651. There have been many a frantic phone call across countries even!!

As you may now have picked up, seems General 'Gorgeous' Georgiou may have moved on to the HEDD1. Does he never get the message. Just grateful I never had to serve under him in the Lebanese Army. Must have been a bleedin' genius eh!!

So, here's a little piccie of ratbaiting to illustrate. Run little ratties run...nowehere to hide!!