Monday, 7 March 2011


¿Por qué?

 Despite the brave efforts of Andres Tonini and others in Mexico, we hear that the GT200 (and possibly other variants of this sick fraud) are still in use. Incredible! 

With all the proof that these things simply cannot and do not work, some people in Mexico are still prepared to put the lives of others at risk to defend corruption and fraud.

I will not detail the full history of this particular branch of the swivelling aerial con. If you do not know the story so far, you can find much more via the links below.

For now I will say that these frauds (others include ADE651 and Alpha 6 etc) have already been responsible for many deaths. People blown to pieces because they did not work! Not a funny little joke about dowsing! 

While we have criminals and terrorists trying to blow us up, let's at least try to take real action to combat them. Not rely on bribery, stupidity and beliefs in the paranormal to rule our lives!

We know that Mexico is full of good people, so we just cannot understand why these ridiculous devices are still in use anywhere in Mexico when everyone in the World knows they do not work and cannot work.

We know that like the ADE651 in Iraq, there has been corruption in the purchasing of the GT200 in Mexico. No doubt all the strongest defenders are in some way implicated in taking money, or looking after friends.

But, what amazes us is that everyone is at risk. If the GT200 is in use anywhere where Officials or Military or Police go, they are all at risk. Senior and junior alike. This is a gamble. Pure and simple. The longer they are in use, the more deaths and injuries they will be responsible for. That's the result of random chance which is all these devices can achieve. Like the casino, you lose eventually.

Does Mexico want to wait until a senior member of Government, Police or Military gets blown to bits before anyone will act? It is not a matter of whether, but when. They could save themselves an awful lot more trouble by acting now to ban the GT200 and anything similar.

We Brits apologise to the people of Mexico that the GT200 came from the UK.We are embarrassed and disgusted. We are making great progress in the campaign to make good, we hope a bit.

If Thailand can be embarassed into a public exposure (see the internet GT200 in Thailand or Alpha 6 in Thailand, or HEDD1 in Thailand), so can Mexico, and rid yourselves of this dangerous toy.

If General al Jabiri can be arrested on charges of corruption in Iraq related to the ADE651 deal, then it can and will happen in Mexico. 

We will begin a support campaign from the UK. We will start to email all Official Mexican contacts we can find, explaining that if they fail to act, they are complicit in murder. We will make a big pit in which to wash away this filth.

We will put pressure on major International State partners of Mexico, both military and political. They don't want to be relying on a certain death trap fake detector.

BUT...this also requires concerted support across Mexico. You need to work hard at this. You need to consistently pressurise the major media, the authorities, everyone. All the major businesses. You can put financial pressure on major International companies. We can publicise to them that they are at risk too.  We will email all we can find that are connected in any way. We will spread the word throughout their partners in Europe and the States. They will not want their executives and skilled staff at risk.

If you have any contact information we can use, please let us know.

We will make a priority of targeting the Mexican connection, and we will ensure that Global Technical, Gary Bolton and those closely associated with GT200 in the UK are finished.

Here is the brief section on GT200 from Wikipedia, showing what poor coverage the story has gained in Mexico so far. Let's change that now!


Most of the Mexican media coverage on GT200 lacked of a critical point of view,[65][66] but science popularizer Martin Bonfil Olivera wrote on February 17, 2010, the first article warning about this scam.[67] However, the impact of this article (and the next on March 10, 2010,[68]) on the rest of the press was almost imperceptible, with only Fausto Ovalle from writing about it.[69] Only after Marc Lacey from The New York Times wrote on March 15, 2010 about the British government warning on the GT200,[70] the scam was exposed in some Mexican newspapers.[71][72][73] Later, Juan José Morales from Por Esto! wrote a couple of columns[74][75] and Bonfil Olivera was interviewed by Ana Paula Ordorica and Enrique Acevedo for La Otra Agenda TV show.[76]
All of this has been not enough to create public awareness on this subject. Main press and TV continues not just ignoring the subject but even justifying it.[77] Mexican military continues doing searches[78] and explosives are ruled out[79] based on GT200 results.
According to data available in Federal Institute of Access to Public Information (IFAI) and press notes, the GT200 has been bought among others by the SEDENA, SEMAR, some PEMEX filials and some state police agencies.[80][81][82] As of 2009, more than US$16,258,534 was spent.[83]

And finally, a message to all the ordinary soldiers and police in Mexico. you are all at risk every time you go near a GT200. They do not work! Save your lives. Stop using the GT200 now! This is out of respect for the very hard jobs you do in a tough country. If Libya can rise up in revolution, then you can defeat the GT200!

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