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After taking a couple of days to enjoy the news that James McCormick - ADE651, Gary Bolton - GT200, Simon Sherrard - ALPHA6, Sam and Joan Tree - Imported the scam to the U.K. from the U.S. initially as MOLE, and Anthony Williamson - XK9(have all been charged with fraud in connection with various versions of the alleged swivelling aerial dowsing rod detector fraud, after nearly four years of campaigning by the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign, we have a few comments as follow up.

This great news must not end there! First we must hope that the Courts in Britain throw the book at these alleged scum who sold death trap detectors around the World. We will continue to call for the strongest possible sentences if they are convicted..

We also want to see as much of their millions recovered as possible via the provisions for the seizure of assets and money that are the proceeds of crime.

However, we must and will be careful not to prejudice the trials of those charged. We will report on progress as reported officially, and on the Court cases when they occur. It is a fact that Techowiz in particular has been responsible for ensuring that these alleged guilty bastards are held accountable for their crimes.

We will also continue to call for the pursuit of and justice for others. Yes! Conmen and C****S like David Vollmar and Frank Trier of Unival in Germany with the amazing name changing non-detecting Sniffex, Sniffex Plus, HEDD1 (see below).

That leads us on to the other people we have told you about who have been involved in this fraud here and in other countries. We are hoping that news of these charges will have knock on effects.

1. The elimination of the use of these idiot devices everywhere in the World, especially Mexico and Thailand who have persisted in using them despite knowing full well they cannot and do not work.

2. The German authorities to pursue David Vollmar and Frank Trier of Unival regarding their sales of the equally ludicrous HEDD1. They have claimed it is different from the ADE651 and GT200 reference card detectors, but having issued us with various legal threats and promises of independent testing, we have still not heard of either coming to fruition. Draw your own conclusions!

Aldo that the UK police arrest and charge John Wyatt of SDS who promoted the HEDD1 with false claims in the UK.

3. The Romanian authorities to pursue Stelian Ilie and Mira Telecom in Romania, where James McCormick took some of his alleged Iraqi blood money, and who also sold the ADE651.

4. That as much publicity as possible is given to the involvement of General Pierre hadji Georgiou of Prosec in Lebanon. Responsible for helping McCormick sell the ADE651 to the Iraqis. We have little confidence that he would be pursued in the Lebanon, but we can surely make his name so dirty that he can't go anywhere else and do business, legitimate or not!

5. The Iraqis to re-open investigations and bring charges against General al Jabiri and others at the Interior Ministry who were responsible for the corrupt purchase of the ADE651 that resulted in so many deaths and injuries and destruction.

6. That the politicians and military personnel responsible for the alleged corrupt purchases elsewhere in the World, especially Thailand (remember the wonderful Doctor Porntip?), and Mexico, are shown to be the corrupt idiots they are and preferably charged with their crimes. We don't hold out much hope in those sorry countries, but you never know.

7. There is a network of local distributors, and agents that McCormick, Bolton and the others used. No doubt some of this will come out at trial. We have previously published the results of our research, investigations and others (special respect to BBC  Newsnight), giving a partial picture of this network in a spreadsheet. Naturally it would be great if some of them were also caught out too.

8. Bulgarian authorities to arrest and charge Yuri Markov. The 'inventor' of the Sniffex fraud in the United States, he fled to Bulgaria when the Sniffex fraud was exposed, and sold a license to David Vollmar to market Sniffex, subsequently re-maned twice and currently HEDD1.

9. The US authorities to arrest and charge Chuck Christensen of H3Tec for marketing his fraudulent long range locators and detectors. Also the people behind the DKL Lifeguard.

10. The Indian authorities to invetsigate and charge the Directors of Horizon group who marketed and sold the GT200.

11. The Greek authorities to investigate and charge the Diodebell AL-6D company Directors.

We also hope that Governments around the World will try to ensure that no other variants e.g. the GADE651, are in use or still on sale anywhere. We have suspicions that many may have been sold in Russia, China and elsewhere.

I may have missed someone. If it is you do let me know! I will be happy to correct the mistake.

As some of you know, the Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign started back in 2008 following the revelation by James Randi that a UK company was selling the ADE651, and that this fake detector bore remarkable likeness to previous scams in the U.S. such as Quadro Tracker and SNIFFEX.

I cannot tell you enough just how important our friend Techowiz has been in all of this. He has devoted endless hours and energy to the cause of seeing some justice in these cases. Nothing can bring back the dead or the missing limbs, or make up for the heartache caused by these vile criminals, but I know that Techowiz and I take some small satisfaction that we have come this far, against a good deal of resistance, and at times when we had very good cause to think that nothing would ever happen. And worse!

This is a tale of tenacity, and courage on the part of Techowiz, and an example to all that at least some dangerous bullshit can be cleaned up. There is more cleaning to do however! So anyone willing to spread the news about the charges (see last two blog pieces) feel free. The more get to know about it the better. But let's not get carried away and give the defences any room to play legal games of prejudice!

All best. Peter

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