Tuesday, 12 February 2013


WIM AND JIM - OLD FRIENDS ( Old friends, memory brushes the same years, silently sharing the same fears).Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end........

Above Wim De Leur of Delpac International, Antwerp Belgium, demonstrating the magic wand known as the ADE651, and left, that well known inventor of said magic wand, Mr. James (Jim) McCormick.

We have been sent a recent article on a Dutch Skeptical website which reminded us of the good old days when Wimmy and Jimmy were happy partners.

Anyway, here is a brief excerpt from the following article, kindly translated for us by Pepijn Van Erp, the writer:

"Corruption in Belgium?
It's quite amazing that some people ever fell for this scheme, but it is not limited to less developed countries. Even our southern neighbors (Belgium) got fooled by it in 2007. The police zone of Geel-Meerhout-Laakdal bought one, and they were still quite positive about it beginning of 2010 (see also the SKEPP forum). In June 2012 however, police chief Jef van Lommel was suspended on suspicion of fraud concerning purchase of cars and building materials. There are also rumours that he got a free holiday on Cuba at the expense of the American firm which had sold the Geel police this utterly worthless 'drug sniffer' for the large sum of 25,000 euros back in 2007. The investigation is ongoing. At the end of September his suspension was extended to complete the research into his dubious affairs. But that was not enough: by February 1st 2013 the suspension got extendend for another four months.
Van Lommel's successor, chief Dirk van Aerschot, has let me know by email, that the device has been used sporadically only. It has been seized by the judicial authorities, also because of the research started in the United Kingdom. The police zone of Geel is now trying to recover the purchase costs in a civil lawsuit."

Now I expect that since Chief of Police Jef van Lommel was suspended, Wim must be in need of some clean underwear while he waits to see when he will be picked up for his part in this sorry tale.

Here is the full article from Kloptdatwel? by Pepijn van Erp


Well done to Pepijn for spreading the word.

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