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Spot the similarity.

Following on from an article in the Guardian earlier this week, news of a 'miraculous' new device to detect Hepatitis C spread around the internet like wildfire. Why? Because many a good skeptic smelled a very large rat.

My friend Techowiz has already blogged about this (see link below).

Now we have more information sent to us by our new friend, Pepijn Van Erp of (a jolly good skeptical website in Holland, if you speak Dutch of course).

Pepijn has sent us the Patent Application for the FAST (Field Advanced Detection Tool).

As I have had to point out to our other 'friends', David Vollmar and Frank Trier of Unival who sell the HEDD1 (formerly SNIFFEX), a patent does not mean a device works. See for example various so called perpetual energy machines that have received patents in the past. Have you seen any for sale recently?

Oh yes, and there is another interesting link to David and Frank and the HEDD1! The patent application for the FAST, which claims to be able to detect diseases in people and plants (What about animals I hear you animal lovers shout? Oh yes! It can also detect swine flu!), as well as drugs and explosives, refers to a previous U.S. patent applied for in 2002 by our other old 'friend' Yuri Markov. That would be the same Yuri Markov who 'invented' the SNIFFEX of course. WOW. The connections.

Now then, I could try to tell you why the FAST or C-FAST as it is now known is a complete load of garbage, but really, do I have to bother? Just take a look at the Patent application, lodged in the name of the Egyptian Government and the 'inventor' Brigadier Ahmed Amien, an engineer and so called bomb detection expert who built it with a 60-strong team from the Egyptian army's engineering department. Now where else have we heard of a military man who is a bomb detection expert. Oh yes, it's all coming back to me now! Perhaps our old 'friends' Major General al Jabiri, or perhaps Col John Wyatt Twerp.

Anyway, back to the FAST or C-FAST. We were mightily impressed by the novel handle design, which looks a bit like a thin Dalek. But then again, do you recognise that well known free pivoting radio aerial. Yes folks! That old chestnut! A sure indicator that the device couldn't detect poo in a sewage farm, let alone anything else.

So, I will leave you to read said Patent Application, and weep yet again for yet another variation on the wonderful dowsing rod scam.

Enjoy here:

And, for more merriment, do take a peek at what Techowiz has to say about FAST/C-FAST at his ever wonderful blog here:

How Many Egyptians Does It Take To Make A Scam?

P.S. When I say friend without inverted commas, then I mean friend. When I say 'friend' with inverted comments you will understand what I mean!

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Anonymous said...

You can get the complete patent at
Put "WO2011116782" into the smart search field (without "). Click on the title of the document, then
'Original document' will get you the pdf. I'm not
sure what the legal status of a WIPO patent is. Someone should get this anulled.