Tuesday, 9 April 2013


As reported yesterday (See Body of Evidence - Or Not post below), it seems that the Romanians just cannot give up on the ADE651.

The Elodia Ghinescu murder case raises two mysteries.

Mystery 1 - Where is her body?

Mystery 2 - Why did the Romanian Police use the ADE651 to try to find her body?

Here is a translation from a part of one of the articles I linked you to yesterday:

"District Attorney Dan Romulus Varga fron the Hugh Court along with Police Chief Inspector Lazar Cristian have both undersigned a report which is stating that in relation with the prosecution/ criminal investigation file 1249/p/2010 registered with the High Court of Justice,  this day of 10th of Oct. 2012 Col. Teodorescu from the Special Protection Svce. has been using the ADE 650 test set in the investigation for biological traces of Mrs. Elodia Ghinescu using some hair that is known to belong to her."

We look forward to bringing you much more information about this scandal. Hopefully it will result in a proper investigation in Romania into Mira Telecom, and those who bought the ADE651 and why? Is it possible that some officials in Romania were incentivised (encouraged with money)?

We told Mira telecom back in 2009 to stop dealing with Mr James McCormick and the ADE651, but they chose to ignore our wise advice, and Stelian Ilie at Mira threatened us with legal action (although they never did get around to it!). We have warned various authorities in Romania about the ADE651, but it seems they have not taken any notice.

Well Stelian, and the buyers of the ADE651 in Romania, the truth will come out. 

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