Sunday, 8 September 2013


I am referring to an earlier post:


I recently received the following email in response to my complaints and enquiries to the European Union funding agency responsible for the project:

Sent by FORTAN Kelly (HOME) <>. All responses have to be sent to this email address.
Envoyé par FORTAN Kelly (HOME) <> . Toutes les réponses doivent être effectuées à cette adresse électronique.

Thank you for your enquiry. The project you refer to was planned to be co-financed through the 2010 annual programme of the External Borders Fund under the action "Scanning equipment for detection of hidden persons/stowaways in the transport means".
The project was declared unsuccessful by the Romanian Responsible Authority in charge with the implementation of the External Borders Fund, and therefore it was not charged to or co-financed from the Fund. If you would like to receive more information on this project, please do not hesitate to contact the Romanian Authority in charge with the implementation of the External Borders Fund at the following coordinates: Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Schengen Directorate, European Funds Unit, email:, Tel. 021. 264.86.40, Fax 021. 206.09.05, Int. 11063

With kind regards,

So, that might explain why the project was never commissioned. Funny that we have not seen any mention of this in the Romanian media? I wonder why? So, we will be keeping a close eye on Mira Telecom to see if they try to  wangle any more money from the European pot.

We will also, of course, keep up the pressure on the Romanian authorities to investigate the involvement of Stelian Ilie and Mira Telecom with the ADE651, James McCormick, the DKL Lifeguard and the AL-6D. 

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that our old friend Dr Marian Apostol was involved in this project. No wonder it went tits up! 


Anonymous said...

Excellent. I'm glad someone in the funding agency saw through the BS!

marius iliuta said...

for our Romanian friends and for the others that like a good google translate lecture, please see below. although the media is always pushing the authorities to get involved in the 'scam' called Stelian and shake a bit his balls, nothing actually happens

Peter said...

Dear Marius,

Thank you for your comment and information.

Unfortunately the translation software leaves a lot to be desired, so it is not easy to read exactly what is happening. However, it seems that Robert Veress at Selectnews has been trying very hard to investigate the links between Mira Telecom, the CEO Stelian Ilie, and Government departments/procurement in Romania.

We admire his tenacity and hope he will keep on putting pressure on Mira for their involvement in the ADE651, DKL Lifeguard, AL-6D and EPOFAT Trainguard frauds.

We have heard from other sources that Stelian Ilie has successfully bribed Government and Security officials, nad that this is maybe why it is proving hard to get proper investigations going.

Please let us know of any further developments.

Thanks again! Peter

Anonymous said...

Hey there, it looks like Mira Telecom is not getting the idea that the nonsense of the ADE651 is not working. They are researching some rescue equipment that include 'portable units that will be carried by rescuers to improve detection and help them locate the victims'. What would you people think this portable equipment could look like from Stelian's POV.

The actual facilities that were visited are the ones built by EU funding as one can read from the big poster at the entry

I do believe that the good people from rescuecell would like to know more about the history of Mira Telecom in the 'detection' industry

Peter said...

Thanks to Anonymous for letting us know about Mira and rescuecell.

I have taken a look at the rescuecell website and it seems very vague, with apparently no clear description or pictures of the 'technology' they are developing. like you say, with the Mira history of involvement with dodgy detectors, it is not difficult to imagine that they might be pushing a version of the ADE651 or perhaps the AL-6D.

I will make sure that the other partners in this project are aware of the background of Mira, including the train 'detection' system story. It will be interesting to see if they still want to have Mira involved then!

I will report back if we get any further news on this.

Peter said...

Sorry! Of Course I forgot to mention the DKL Lifeguard, which is the main variant of the fraudulent detectors that claims to be able to locate bodies in disaster zones. Given that the rescuecell project seems to be seeking to deploy a variety of technologies, it would be quite easy for Mira to slip the DKL in, and that way, if a location/rescue were to happen, they could claim it played a part, even though it could not do so other than by chance.

This was the game that McCormick, Bolton and others have played, including Unival with Sniffex/HEDD1, where they sometimes make claims that the fake detectors are pinpoint accurate at close range, but on other occasions claim that the 'detectors' only identify a general area to be searched with other methods e.g. dogs. That way they can claim that their dodgy devices play a part in the overall effort, but it is nigh on impossible to separate out what method actually worked. Sneaky eh!