Wednesday, 16 October 2013


The photo above was taken just last week at an Iraqi checkpoint. It shows the ADE651 is still in use.

Those of you who have read my recent posts will know that, sadly, the fight goes on to put an end to the use of the useless detectors. You will be aware of reports that this idiocy continues in both Iraq and Mexico.

There can be no excuse, and the authorities in those countries continue to be negligent in not deploying proper security measures to protect their civilians and security forces.

Of course, this is not to excuse the Government here in the U.K. from their responsibility for having been complicit in supporting sales efforts for these devices. They have yet to take responsibility for this, or strong enough action to make up for the past mistakes. We have tried to get the Foreign Office to put further pressure on the Governments of Mexico and Iraq to put a stop to the use of the ADE651 and GT200, but have seen no evidence that anything substantive has been done. This despite the convictions for fraud of McCormick and Bolton. It is almost as if they want to forget.

Well, every death, every lost limb, and every false arrest that results from the use of these devices is a reminder of the complacency, stupidity and corruption that are the ever present features of this saga. Those responsible will go down in history as the fools and corrupt bastards that they are. Sadly, that can be no consolation for those who suffer in the present as a result.

If any of those responsible for this are reading, SHAME ON YOU! You are worthless turds! If you do not know what a turd is then let me make it clear.....................................


ninthcouncil said...

The BBC report into yesterday's car bombings in Baghdad contains a glimpse of an ADE651 in "use" at a checkpoint. I've sent the BBC a query as to when this was shot (poss. library footage?) but depressingly likely that it is recent. 0:56 in the video:

Peter said...

Dear Ninth Council,

Thanks for your comment. It will be interesting to hear the response from the BBC. We are pretty sure that the ADE651 is still in use in Iraq. The picture above was taken this Month. I have written to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office care of William Hague, suggesting they need to do more to put an end to the use of these devices in places like Iraq and Mexico. Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly I have not received a response.

We can reasonably conclude that people are still being blown to bits because the ADE651 does not work. Disgusting, but hardly surprising when Maliki defended the ADE651 even after McCormick was convicted. while we have the deadly combination of a corrupt and stupid Government, and the fight for ascendency between the various factions of idiotic Islam, we are somewhat pessimistic.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Jim McCormick and Gary Bolton are playing "Trick or Treat" tonight.