Tuesday, 11 March 2014


If you have read the post below you will know that the BBC recently reported that Stelian Ilie at Mira Telecom just can not give up the idea of getting rich by selling fake explosive detectors. (see MIRA TELECOM- THE FRAUD GOES ON).

Now we can bring you the brochure for the new version of the 'detector'. The MEXD (Medium Range Explosive Detector) which comes in two versions:

MEXD100 - The manual version
MEXD100A - Automatic version

We can't quite work out the difference.

It seems that Mira have just made the device look a bit more sophisticated than the ADE651 by adding a few knobs and lights (remember when Jim McCormick said he wanted to add flashing lights to make the ADE look more believeable?). Oh yes, it's also got a battery! That does not mean it can work as they claim. As Dr Michael Sutherland at Cambridge University has said, there is no way that it can operate as they claim. Unfortunately Mira have their tame, paid for (or should we say paid off) so called physicist, Dr Marian Apostol, who claims they have tested this equipment. The fact that Apostol still says the ADE651 was legitimate just goes to show how much he has sold his science soul to Mira (for 900 Euros a Month!).

Of course Mira and Apostol have not responded to repeated invitations to have this equipment independently tested or submitted for the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge. We wonder why not? 

As you will see Mira Telecom are making almost identical claims to those made for the previous versions e.g. ADE651, GT200 etc.

Particularly interesting is the VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE at the bottom of page 2:
"For a reliable security measure it is highly recommended an integration of
complementary explosives detection technologies and dogs in order to obtain a
high success rate of detection with a high level of safety in difficult and unfriendly

So, having made extraordinary claims for the capabilities of this device, they then want to make sure that it is impossible to understand which method of detecting explosives was successful. This is also very similar to the way that James McCormick and Gary Bolton marketed the ADE651 and GT200 devices. Of course this tells us that Stelian Ilie knows that the MEXD does not and can not work.

It would be fascinating to find out how much Mira are trying to sell this garbage for. If anyone knows please do leave a comment.

Anyway, here is the brochure:


Anonymous said...

Is Gary Bolton's ( GT200) Confiscation Hearing tomorrow as previously scheduled last August at his sentencing ??

Peter said...

Dear Anonymous,

Good question about the Bolton Proceeds of Crime action. I do not know, but will try to check that out. We are also waiting to hear about the follow up to the McCormick case and Police action to get his dirty money.

Will post if I get any useful info.