Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Thanks to Clinton Rogers of BBC Somerset, the fake explosives detectors story continues.

Stelian Ilie at Mira Telecom just cannot stop dreaming of getting rich with the fake detector fraud.

The BBC report below gives details of how Mira have patented a new version of the detector. After their involvement with James McCormick and the ADE651 you would have thought they might have learned their lesson by now. Of course, they have also dabbled with the AL-6D, the DKL Lifeguard and the EPOFAT Train Guard detection system. But no, their addiction to dodgy detectors just goes on.

Just to clarify, gaining a patent does not mean you have to prove that the product actually works.

It is incredible that the European Union has funded Mira to undertake research into explosives detection to the tune of 750 000 Euros.

When will this scam be done and dusted?

Just to remind you, Stelian Ilie has threatened us with legal action in the past, but doesn't seem to have the courage of his conviction to follow up his threats. Perhaps he will this time? Stelian, you are a conman and fraudster, and hopefully it will not be long before you are locked up in prison, just like your old friend McCormick.


There is a more detailed report here, but think you can only access this in the U.K.


P.S. I forgot to mention that the new Mira Telecom 'detector' finally has the flashing light that McCormick said would make his ADE651 look more sophisticated. Now that must mean it works now, doesn't it? Tell us what you think!

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