Friday, 5 June 2009


A special hello today to Gary 'I'll sue you (not)' Bolton at Global Technical.

For years now Gazza has been claiming that the not so fabulous dowsing rod known as the GT200 has UK Government and MOD support and approval.

Surprise, surprise. It doesn't. Turns out that it was demonstrated to the MOD some years back, but that they did not follow up with formal testing, and certainly never approved this useless radio aerial on a swivel. Funnily enough they have never bought it or any of the other lookalike rubbish either. I wonder why?

Now the MOD are demanding that Gazza removes all references to UK Government/MOD approval and support from his marketing materials. We will of course be keeping any eye out on this.

Tough luck matey!

Of course, those other well known long noses at ATSC with the ADE 651 (yep, I'm talking to you Jim), and the purveyors of the equally useless Alpha 6 and PSD 2, along with David and his not so wunderbar Sniffex Plus should be aware that we have not forgotten about you! Time to think again about marketing your death trap fake detectors? I hope so. But if you decide to carry on be aware that this is only the beginning. You too will be squeezed till your pips squeak.