Thursday, 8 September 2011


I would like to make absolutely clear that neither I, nor any of the people who have contributed to the campaign against the Fake Explosives Detectors are, to the best of my knowledge, conspiracy nuts!

As we hope has been clear, we originally picked up the story from James Randi, a leading light of the skeptical movement, whose organisation has made clear its disdain for the 9/11 conspiracy, amongst others.

In the latest posting on (James Randi Educational Foundation site), he points to an article in the US Skeptic magazine, a most erudite journal. In this article the 9/11 conspiracy theories are effectively demolished in short order. I have always despised the fools who have fallen for all the Zeitgeist, all encompassing conspiracy theory.

Here is the link for that article, and if you know anyone who is a 9/11 Truther as they call themselves, please do pass on:

HOWEVER. Also for clarity. This is not o say that conspiracies do not exist. As a friend of mine says, as soon as two people get together you have a potential conspiracy.

Hence, while we wait for something slower than Godot to arrive i.e. proper action against our favourite villains (the right people only please Mr. Port!), then we can only feel there may be more to this than meets the eye. We are jolly good skeptics. We have discovered and passed on much evidence. We have none back of any substance. So, a conspiracy of silence? And who, one might imagine, could possibly want silence?

Well, of course, the main perpetrators, all of whom have gone very quiet these days. Certainly not carried out their almost monotonous, though fun. bluff legal threats!! And? Others involved or implicated. Like?

General Sharman, retd
The Foreign Office
The Royal Engineers
The Department for Business (or whatever they call it now..remember re-branding usually means a tainted brand!!)
The Defence Manufacturers Association
John Wyatt Twerp
Suppliers to Global Technical and ATSC
The Treasury (possible compensation claims potentially running into tens of millions of dollars if not more, from Iraq, Thailand, Mexico, etc etc etc, based on UK Government support and promotion of these devices)

Have I missed anyone? Or is that enough for you to suggest that there may be enough people here wanting this to go away for pressure for it to go away to be applied.

I am not saying this is what has happened, but while the Police fail to end this saga when there can be no doubt who needs rounding up now, we will ask embarassing questions and keep up the game to the bitter end for those who deserve it!!