Friday, 18 February 2011


Pic 1: Too much static
Pic 2: Not enough static.

Understand! You! McCormick! detention after school. Mr Ramsbotham (pron. Ramsbottom) is looking forward to getting his hands on you boy!

Well, not as fatal as relying on the ADE651, GT200, HEDD1, ALPHA 6, Khoji etc etc, but certainly no good for my reputation as an humourist of distinction!!

Anyhow, someone has asked me to explain the 'joke' in the piccie below (Oh Dear Post), for those who haven't caught up yet. Where to start?
You start at the very beginning.
A very good place to start....Oh dear he's off again..

So, at various times, various so called working principles have been claimed by the sellers of these swivelling radio aerials.

We've had:
Electrostatic Magnetic Attraction
Nuclear Quadropole Resonance
Thermo Redux
EMA Again!
and at one time from McCormick

"It works like dowsing"!

In fact, at one time we had them so tied up in knots that McCormick was claiming EMA on his website, while his mates at ProSec (yes, General Pierre Hadji Georgiou, you!) were simultaneously claiming Thermo Redux (which is in fact a real sniffing technology, but nowt like the ADE651).

I even asked Jim once if it was Gauss's Law or Coulomb's that applied (hope Lynne Truss isn't reading this in case she Eats, Shoots and Leaves). I'll have to check but think he said more akin to Gauss...Ho Ho. I only looked them up in connection with NQR, and he fell for it.

All of them supposedly powered by static electricity. I've even been contacted by someone who he demoed the damn thing to. They were told to hold the thing in just a couple of fingers because they were producing too much static (seriously folks, look at the pictures).

On the other hand, Vollmar at Unival reckons theirs is different because it's got a couple of magnets in the handle. Pull the other one David!

And we are still waiting for the flashing light version Jimbo. Come on, we're are all literally peeing with excitement.