Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Yes folks. Its that fine figure of a fellow, fearless Frank Trier of Unival. Sadly this time not in one of his action man uniforms, but still looking quite sexy in his smart suit and tie. OOOOHHHH Frankie, you hunk of sh!t, we have the hots for you!! The Red Hot Pokers I mean!!  (pic is a still from the Thai tests David and Frank agreed to, then, when the HEDD1 failed, made all the usual excuses!)

He's Frankie, He's Frankie,
He couldn't detect his arse from
a hole in the ground.

He's Frankly, He's Frankly
An idiot, an idiot. And a very naughty little boy, with an itsy bitsy teeny eeny, yellow bellied little weeny!

Once more into the Unival breach dear friends! A breach being a breach in their defences, of which there are too many to choose from! Gird ye loins me bunions!

Where the hell do we start? Well, more correspondence of the manure (that's poo to you David!) variety from David Vollmar and Frank Trier.

Actually, when I say more, what I really mean to say is more of the same i.e. more of the same lame excuses and lack of evidence for the HEDD1 we've heard or not before!

Problem for David and Frank is that every time they come into the playground, they get a kicking from us horrible Fake Explosives Detectors Campaign bullies. All say AAAAHHHHHHHH. Poor David! Poor little wiener Frankie!

And why? because Frankie and Davey are nasty little swivelling aerial fraudsters. Aren't you boys? YES is the answer!!

We have previously pointed out the circular argument we are in here with these toe rags. Same as with McCormick, Bolton, and all the others. Lame old, same old excuses, hedges, ducking and diving, and STILL NOT A JOT OF EVIDENCE! Well, we know why folks! because there ain't any, and they can't afford to risk proper testing!

Actually I lie.There is loads of evidence. e.g. Quadro Tracker was properly tested and examined by the FBI back in about 1997, and shown to be useless. Mind you, it took James Randi to hound them into sorting out the Quadro Tracker. after all, seems various FBI offices and Police forces, let alone School districts had been conned by it. Another of those similarities folks i.e. everywhere these dodgy devices go, public officials are either bribed or fooled into buying or supporting them Does that say something about how good a radio aerial on a swivel fraud is, or the general corruption and incompetence of public officials almost everywhere?

Anyway, then James McCormick and Robert Balais took the MOLE to Sandia Labs and it failed. Then Sniffex (now HEDD1) failed in the U.S. at Yuma in tests by the US Navy. Then in further properly controlled double blind testing. There are of course other cases where reasonable testing has been carried out and these scams have utterly failed, as they surely will. The HEDD1 failed in tests in Thailand, even though Vollmar and Trier try to pretend those tests were unfair! Ho Ho!! You can see the full history of testing and avoidance of testing at:

A Brief History of Fraudulent Detectors 1990 - ?

and Lumpys blog at

and at the ever dependable Techo blog

Yep, The same excuses come around again and again and again, but their evidence? Invisible! No where to be seen.  Oh, of course except ours! Yes folks, we brung you most of the evidence. And of course, let's not forget the Newsnight team, with help from various eminent Professors (Sidney Alford and Bruce Hood come to mind), also proved that the ADE651, GT200 and HEDD1 are all crap! If any one of them were any good, you would be multi-billionaires already. Not like in the cases of Bolton and McCormick drinking their puny millions in blood money. Or you squandering the money of your wife and family David! Ho Ho! Bet the wife ain't so pleased with your performance now David? Think she'll stay when a real man comes around. Or is she a crooked gal like Gary Boltons tart, Carly Wickens, and wants to eat the flesh of exploded people? Or Mrs McCormick who has lived fat and high on James McCormick, literally in his case due to his steak filled, lardy gut!

I will get around to dissecting the recent drivel of David and Frank further when I get the energy to to repeat myself to them yet again. SHOW US THE F'ING EVIDENCE, OR CRAWL INTO THE SEWER WHERE YOU BELONG! WITH THE RATS.