Monday, 5 August 2013


Below is an open letter to Stelian Ilie at Mira Telecom in Romania. For those of you who are new to this blog, Mira Telecom were partners with, and agents for Mr James McCormick and the ADE651. Not only did they sell that useless, fraudulent, fake detector, but also the equally useless DKL Lifeguard, and AL-6D versions of the swivelling stick.

News reaches us from Romania that they have also been involved with another 'detection' technology, which we believe is also probably useless. Please see below for relevant links.

Dear Mr Ilie,

We understand that your company is responsible for having installed the EPOFAT Train Guard system at Nicolina Station, which you and the manufacturers claim can detect humans in train wagons, and is supposed to help with border control to prevent illegal immigration.

We understand that the system is claimed to work by detecting the electromagnetic field of the human body, and that it can operate through metal and concrete.

We understand that the system was sold for 550 000 Euros, and that the money to buy it was provided by the European Union.

Our information indicates that this project is a pilot for possible further installations.

We also understand that the system is still not operating despite having been in place since late 2011, or early 2012. We understand that this is because it has still not been commissioned and tested by your so called experts.

In the opinion of a highly respected U.K. based Professor of Physics, the ability of the system to work as claimed is highly questionable. His exact words are as follows:

'The website doesn't have much in the way of technical information, so it's difficult for me to make any specific comments.
However the operating principle, remotely detecting the electromagnetic fields of humans, seems rather dubious to me. While people might create very small fields, due to the movement of electrical charges in nerves and the like, these would be so small as to be virtually undetectable. They would be completely drowned by everyday background EM fields from radio stations, mobile phones and the like.

I would like to think that anyone considering buying such a device would insist on seeing rigorous, double blind independent tests to prove its effectiveness, but somehow I doubt that will be the case.'

So Mr Ilie, we have some important questions:

1. Why is the system still not operational so long after installation?

2. What rigorous double blind testing has taken place on the system? If it has been fully tested, please provide details as to who carried out the testing, the protocols used, and the results?

Given your history of involvement with the fraudulent ADE651, DKL Lifeguard, and AL-6D 'detectors' you will understand that we are highly suspicious of your involvement with any security equipment that appears to have suspiciously pseudoscientific sounding explanations.

Please note that we are copying this letter to the procurement authority in Romania who were responsible for acquiring the system, as well as the European Funding agency responsible for providing the money used to buy it, so I suggest that you had better have some very good answers.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Robinson





marius iliuta said...

I suppose we will have to wait a while for Mira Telecom to compile the contents of the letter and only after they will respond. If you don't mind, I will send the same letter to some contacts also that could get interested in the type of business Mira is doing

Peter said...

Dear Marius,

I think we will have to wait a very long time before Mira Telecom respond. Perhaps forever? Hopefully others who I have sent the letter to will make them answer the questions.

Of course I don't mind if you send the letter to others. The more the merrier as far as I am concerned. It is about time Mira suffer for their involvement with frauds. They may have been fooled by McCormick originally but they have had plenty of time to learn their lesson, but do not seem to want to get it in to their thick heads.