Monday, 28 February 2011


PIC 1 First Generation AL-6D
PIC 2 Sixteeenth Generation AL-6D

Spot the difference!  Vive la difference! NONE! Swivelling radio aerial on fancy handle. I will shortly be publishing a short guide to the history of these scams, and they will include the amazing evolution of the AL-6D from WMTS. From a pair of dowsing rods, to the literally fantastical three prong unit they now sell. They are actually happy to publish this ridiculous product development story here:

So, here for your edification is recent correspondence with the Diodebell people who market this rubbish:

We expect the same old drivel from them as from McCormick, Vollmar etc i.e. we will/might take the Million Dollar Challenge, followed by.......nothing.

All you have to do is apply to the JREF at to take the Million Dollar Challenge.
Imagine, if you win you will get a Million Dollars for a couple of days work, and you will get the sort of free publicity everywhere in the World that would mean you would sell millions of AL-6Ds and become very, very, very rich, very quickly.
It's easy, all you have to do is state clearly what you can achieve with the AL-6D and then prove it in double blind tests. See, nothing to it!
If you win I will become your biggest fan and will never stop saying what a fantastic company you are.
So, over to you. If not we will continue to say that you are criminals and fraudsters and cheats as much as we like and you will do nothing about it bacuase you cannot.
In science it is not up to us to prove you wrong. You make the claims, and you have to produce the evidence. Personal testimonies are worthless.
Understood? Good!

We understand your anger about long distance explosive detectors like ADE651 and GT200 and other that were frauds, and many people got killed while using them. We agree with you.
We have traveled to many countries to demonstrate our system and we have talked to people that have used these fraud products. Now the people are very cautious before they buy other long distance detectors, because of the fraud products. Few countries after testing our product for months they decided to get a small quantity of our very long distance detector and use it for strategic operations.
We are considering if and when we want to take the million dollar challenge and if we want to release our science and technology.  Maybe the public is not ready to receive this knowledge yet and if used wrong it can cause big damages to the world.
We understand your anger about the fraud products but still you cannot speak and comment on a device and system that you have not seen and test yourself. You must at least have comments from other people that have used our system. So please, when you mention about our system AL6D,  mention who, where, when used it, and the results.
We would like to invite you to come to our training center and get trained on our system. Then you will have your opinion about our product.
Diodebell team
Dear Sirs,
1. Unless you take the MDC we know that you are frauds. It is very simple. Alternatively a double blind test carried out by the Physics Department of a reputable University.
2. As far as revealing your technology, we have all the information we need already. as with all the other frauds, the AL-6D cannot work on the principles claimed.
3. Of course, if you have credible testing results please forward and we will take a look and respond. You do not publish anything so far which is even vaguely credible.
4. Your arguments for the AL-6D are the same ones the other fraudsters used.
5.My opinion will only be changed by credible independent third party testing. Not by demonstrations that are rigged/fixed.
So, like David Vollmar at Univel and James McCormick, you are considering the JREF Million Dollar Challenge. I bet you never take it or any other real testing. Surprise me!
We wait with baited breath.