Tuesday, 1 March 2011


What delightful dodgy dowsing device do we have for you today boys and girls?

The H3TEC from Chuck Christensen and his little mob of con artists in Utah. Are you a moron Chuck? Sorry, meant Mormon, but la meme chose as my French friends might say.

Ok, here we have another version of the same old, same old con. Oh, sorry, I forgot. It does have a bit more fancy circuitry, but that don't cut no mustard.

Chuck is another of the fine fraudsters who likes to avoid the issue of independent testing. They claim they have some, but strangely won't let me have a copy...Methinks I know the reason why!! Genius ain't I! Because the tests they have carried out are not properly controlled double blind protocols.

Like all the others I have suggested to Chuck that he take the JREF Million Dollar Challenge, but I think he sees Randi as some sort of godless heathen and won't have anything to do with him. Good way to avoid the issue Chuck!

So, I suggested they go to MIT and get them to test. Then, if it works all he has to do is put out a Press Release, sit back and watch the orders and money roll in. Who wouldn't do that if they really did have such a marvellous invention that could transform the World as we know it? Funny, when I ask him these questions he just starts insulting me ( I do confess, and those who know me by now will be surprised, I was a tad rude to him as well!)

I haven't got their legal threat to add to my others yet. BUT, I have made a formal complaint to the FBI and have urged others to do so via JREF.

So Chucky, my little chickadee, here's my public statement on the H3Tec:

H3Tec is a fraud. The device cannot and does not perform as claimed in any circumstances whatsoever, whether treasure hunting, prospecting for minerals, or detecting any substances whatsoever. Chuck Christensen knows it is a fraud, and will avoid all proper testing at any cost. DO NOT WASTE $10 000 plus on this complete waste of time and money!

Will you threaten to sue me now Chuck? PLEASE!!!!!! I am begging you!!!!!!!

We'll see you run out of town, tarred and feathered like the turkeys you are.

Anyone fancy letting Chuck know what they think of him, be my guest:
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