Thursday, 3 March 2011


James MCormick, ATSC, ADE 651
Gary Bolton, Gobal Technical, GT200
David Vollmar, Unival, HEDD1, Sniffex Plus, Sniffex Europe
Frank Trier, Unival, HEDD1, Sniffex Plus, Sniffex Europe
Simon Sherrard, ComsTrac, Alpha 6
John Wyatt, SDS Group UK Limited, HEDD1, Sniffex Plus, Sniffex Europe
Stelian Ilie, Mira Telecom, Romania, ADE651

General Pierre Hadji Georgiou, Pro Sec, Lebanon, ADE651
GT200 Agents Mexico and Thailand
Horizon Group India, GT200
DKL Lifeguard principals
Chuck Christensen, H3Tec, Utah, U.S.A.
GADE651 principals
Khoji principals
AL-6D, Diodebell Principals
Yuri Markov, Inventor of the Sniffex
Sam Tree, U.S. to U.K. importer of the scam
Malcolm Roe, U.S. to U.K. importer of the scam
Wim de Leur, Delpac Belgium, ADE651
General Jihad al Jabiri, Iraq
And any other major figures in this fraudulent trade I have forgotten for now...

I say, you have traded in fraudulent detectors knowingly.

Many lives have been lost as a result of some of you conning people in this nasty little trade in false hope.

The liberty of people has been threatened by false positive readings from useless dowsing rods costing many thousands of  dollars each that you have sold and promoted.

You have profited from completely useless devices sold as miracles.

You all knew very well that these were and are all frauds.

You are all accessories to murder, or attempted murder.

You are all deserving of the worst possible punishments.

You are all cowards, cheats, scum and thieves. You are all worthless animals. I would not spit on you if you were on fire. You should be begging forgiveness. You are a shower of pooop. What more can I say....

You are no better than the dirt on my shoe.

You make me sick to look at you. You filthy by products of evolution. If I believed in curses, then I would curse you, but why bother. You have cursed yourselves. In the mirror, and to your families and the World. You are nothing.

Now, anyone want to take me to Court, in any reasonable jurisdiction, with verifiably legitimate papers, I will appear in person.

Or are you all the snivelling little swivelling aerial cowards I think you are? Sorry. Know you are!