Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Or how the fake detector scam explodes into life again. What a Sharm! Or should that be SHAM?

Oh how much safer tourists in Egypt must be feeling now the news is out that a super duper 'detector' is in use at hotels to keep the bombs away! 

Some of you may remember the first appearance of the C-FAST as a 'detector' for the HIV virus. See previous blog entry here - 


We here at Fake Detectors Central wonder who in Egypt is making dirty money from this emergency? Could any members of their brave armed forces be involved? Answers on a postcard to President Sisi please. 

We only hope that Dr. Essam Heggy has heard of this and will put an end to this nonsense as soon as possible, after he was instrumental in damning the C FAST when it first appeared.

Meanwhile, good luck to all those being so well protected by such a fine device! 

I regret to say that this news was published in newspapers that we do not like to link to here because they have a reputation for junk. However, if you search for C FAST and Sharm hotels no doubt you will find the story in all its glory.

Of course, if they don't find any explosives, they have definitely found some more gullible fools and some money for the immoral bastards who sell this sh1t!

We'll let you know if we hear more on this latest episode in the fake detectors saga, and await the usual excuses. Perhaps they will wheel out that oldie but goodie: It may not work but it'll deter the terrorists. Oh yeah! Like in Iraq you mean!

Thursday, 12 February 2015


It's been a while since we had any news to bring you, but hot from Germany we hear that David Vollmar of Unival has been charged with 47 (yes! forty seven) counts of fraud. This is great news. We do not have any details yet, but will bring them to you as we hear more.

In case you do not remember, Vollmar and his sidekick Frank Trier, did a deal some years ago with Yuri Markov (the Bulgarian 'inventor' of Sniffex) to market and sell Sniffex. Markov had previously fled the U.S. following charges of stock manipulation over Sniffex.

Sniffex was renamed Sniffex Plus, and then, when our campaign to expose it heated up they renamed it the HEDD1.

Anyway, as I say, we'll get back with more details when we can.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Some of our dear readers may recall a previous post detailing the latest developments in Romania. It seems that despite the conviction of their old friend Jim McCormick on charges of fraud, Mira Telecom just cannot give up on the idea of making dirty money from fake detectors.

Having worked with McCormick on the ADE651, Mira Telecom and their tame mad Professor Apostol have gone on to develop their own variant of the fraud, the MEXD (complete with flashing lights). See previous post HERE

Now we have reports from Romania that Stelian Ilie at Mira Telecom is having some success selling this garbage to the Romanian security services. Well, if they are stupid enough, or corrupt enough to buy this garbage, let's hope that they get themselves blown up while using them. Sadly innocent people may also get blown to smithereens if they rely on this nonsense.

If anyone can let us have more information about this please feel free.

Finally, for now, a message for Stelian Ilie. One of these days your criminal activities will come back to bite you on your stupid arse. Oh, and a message for Professor Apostol. You are one dumb idiot!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Caroline Hawley Reports

Following the news about the sentencing of Samuel Tree and Joan Tree, here is a round up of the fake detectors story by Caroline Hawley at the BBC. Caroline and Meirion Jones were responsible for the original BBC Newsnight reports back in 2010 and 2011. The report highlights the ongoing use of the fake detectors in some parts of the World, as well as the fact that the U.K. Government supported export sales promotion despite warnings as early as 2001.

Also below you will see an interesting comment that was left by Anonymous after the previous post today reporting sentencing of the Trees:


Anonymous comment:

I'm fairly surprised that she didn't get a custodial sentence. After all, Joan knew as much about Sam's little/huge scam as he did. She was "tuning" the "devices" to the required frequency using sterilised scissors etc.
You're right about Sam bringing the idea to Europe although back then, nearly twenty years ago, it probably seemed like nothing more than a bit of a wheeze.
Malcolm had seen the potential to turn a novelty golf ball "finder" into something rather more lucrative and Sam had the luck/misfortune to see Roe waving his magic wand about at some police convention in the US.
Apparently Sam chuckled ruefully at this first encounter with Roe, "The Bounder."
That conversation, probably, went something like this:
Tree: That's interesting! How does it work?
Roe: At this moment, it's tuned to detect mugs.
Tree: Why's it pointing at me, then?
Roe: Only kidding. I've set the frequency to "bank notes."
Tree: Wow. That's amazing. It's pointing straight to my wallet.
Roe: It appears so, yes.
Tree: How does it REALLY work, though?
Roe: Gravity combined with a low coefficient of friction in the pivot.
Tree: Oh. How dull. I didn't really do physics at school.
Roe: That's the beauty of this device. It defies the boring laws of physics that nobody's interested in. You could make a packet.
Tree: OK, what else can it detect?
Roe: *slants wrist* WIGS. That guy over there is wearing a toupée.
Tree: So he is. Wait here, sir. I must make an international call to my imports manager, Joan, and tell her the good news.
Roe: OK. *yawns*

Thus, Keygrove Intl. comes into being.
The Trees legitimate business was flogging forensics equipment to UK police forces. Plenty of contacts there, then.
Quadro® could have been nailed as fraudsters in the US fifteen? years ago but, as we have seen, not all jurys can see through the waving arial effect.
Roe jumped bail, I believe, and slummed it with his new-found friends, The Trees, in Bedfordshire for longer than he was welcome. They helped him, financially, and he went on to other projects before dying [citation needed].



Finally we have the news that Samuel and Joan Tree have been sentenced.

Samuel Tree has been sentenced to three and a half years, and his wife Joan Tree to 300 hours Community work.

The sentence seems to be proportional to those handed out to James McCormick and Gary Bolton in terms of the value of sales made.

The details are available here:


Unfortunately the sentences do not seem to reflect the fact that Samuel Tree was responsible for introducing the fake detector scam to the U.K., but it is good to see that they have been punished for their part in this despicable trade.

This is the last of a series of trials, convictions and sentences related to the trade in fake detectors based in the U.K. There are still many questions that remain unanswered. Not least how the U.K. Government did not act sooner to put an end to the various businesses involved, despite warnings in Whitehall as early as 2001.

We will be putting together a review at some stage, which will deal with the outstanding issues, not least of which is the ongoing use of some of these useless detectors in various countries.

It is a great shame that the business partner of the Trees was found not guilty last year. Simon Sherrard of Comstrac, who was effectively the salesman for the Alpha 6 must be feeling like a very lucky man indeed!

Monday, 29 September 2014


Have just been informed that the sentencing has been put back to 3 October. Not sure why, but will post result when we find out.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Trees Sentencing

Just heard from Meirion Jones (top man BBC Producer and Reporter!) that following their guilty verdicts Samuel and Joan Tree will be sentenced on September 25th.

I hope the Judge will take into account the fact that Samuel Tree was responsible for originally introducing the Quadro Tracker into the U.K. Initially he and Malcolm Roe cooperated with Gary Bolton to produce a new version (identical) called The Mole.

When Bolton, Tree and Roe fell out Bolton re-invented the scam with the GT200. Meanwhile James McCormick spent some time helping Bolton to market Mole. They also fell out and McCormcik went on to the ADE651.

Tree went on to work on the Alpha 6 with Simon Sherrard. How he was found Not Guilty still amazes me, especially in the light of the guilty verdicts of the Trees.

So, to repeat my previous comment, Samuel Tree is at the root of all the UK variants of the fraud, and deserves a heavy sentence for that reason, even if he managed to sell fewer units than Bolton or McCormick.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Dear Anonymous

Thank you for your comment the Trees. .

Have searched for the name you mentioned but cannot find anything. Please message again with some more information about the issue you mentioned.

Thank you.


Thank you for the additional information. 

Hey Mr Sherrard, keep sweating. People like you can never relax.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Following news of the guilty verdicts on Samuel and Joan Tree (see last post), the news has emerged that Gary Bolton of GT200 infamy appealed against both his conviction and sentence.

Bolton lost challenges against his conviction and seven-year jail sentence yesterday.

Bolton was present in the dock of the court to hear Lord Justice Pitchford, Mr Justice Wilkie and Mr Justice Green reject his claims that he suffered "unfair prejudice" during his trial and that his sentence was too long.

Lord Justice Pitchford said the sentence was "appropriate" for the criminality involved in his case.


I am sure you will join me in celebrating the guilty verdicts against Samuel and Joan Tree. See news reports below.

These verdicts are particularly pleasing because Samuel Tree was responsible for bringing the scam to the U.K. from the U.S. in the form of the Quadro Tracker (along with one Malcolm Roe, who we understand may be dead).

Tree and Roe introduced the Quadro Tracker to Gary Bolton (convicted of fraud last year over the GT200 variant of the 'detector').

The Quadro Tracker was then renamed MOLE. At some stage it seems Tree, Roe and Bolton fell out, and then Bolton hooked up with James McCormick (convicted last year over the ADE651 variant). Tree then when on to hook up with Simon Sherrard of Comstrac to make and sell the Alpha 6 variant, with substantial orders in Thailand, Mexico and Lebanon.

Of course, Bolton and McCormick fell out and went their own ways with the GT200 and ADE651.

So you could say that Tree is the root of all this evil, and all the branches of the U.K. end of this fraud stem from him. Well, now he will take his leave of us for a while in prison, and I hope his sentence will reflect his central role in the scandal.  


That makes five of the six defendants in these fraud cases who have been convicted (the other being Anthony Williamson with his XK-9 variant). Regrettably, incredibly and sadly Simon Sherrard was found not guilty. He must be feeling very lucky today, but you never know when and how he might yet come a cropper. Perhaps the Police will be able to get the Trees to drop him in it, and a retrial with new evidence would then be on the cards. Let's hope so!

So, raise a glass tonight and wish them all the best in jail. They are a delightful couple, aren't they!

P.S. What a nice guy Sam must be! To allow his wife to go down with him.